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Apr. 15th, 2011 | 08:16 pm

Hello everyone I am Susan. I am not new to this community but I have been away for a long time. Working stressful jobs and having to be on the go all the time has caused me to gain 13ounds.

Height: 5'8"
Highest Weight: 155
Lowest Weight 127
Current Weight: 141
GW1: 130 Pounds
GW2: 124 Pounds
GW3: 118 pounds
UGW: 110 Pounds

So I am here sipping on my glass of red wine not giving a care in the world but knowing that I will suffice with 500 calories per day.

Water Daily Goal:
-1.5 Litres per day

Daily Caloric Intake:
-500 Calories

-2 Mile jog 4 days per week.

-Live Journal

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Temptation and sticking to my faith

Oct. 1st, 2010 | 04:28 pm
location: Kingston Jamaica

So today started off great! No hunger pains. But it is now 4:18pm and I am starving, I have a little head ache.

For a little motivation and to prove to the lord how serious I am about fasting and praying for him. I went out and got a bible. It was a sacrifice but a well made sacrifice.

I have been sipping on a 600 ml bottle of water all day and about 4 oz of water is still left in the bottle. I am leaving work at 5pm today and really cant wait to get home, so I can read my bible and sleep.

A part from the hunger, the head ache and tired feeling. I think I should be okay.

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Fast Day #1

Oct. 1st, 2010 | 08:57 am
location: Jamaica, Kingston
mood: numb numb
music: Reggae

So I am 129.5lbs today.

I have to admit that this is my higher weight. You know how you are never one weight, you are usally stuck between a range; well, my range is 128-130 pounds. I want to move outside this range.

So today being the first day of my fast, I will just stick it out.

It is now 8:35am and I am sipping on some water. I have to admit though that the first 3 of the 21 day water fast is going to be the hardest and the first day is the most daunting. My life is so stressful working 2 jobs that I have to exercise alot of will power with the will of the Lord to actually complete this fast.

I am not hungry atm but I could eat something, maybe a banana, and a pineapple.

What I hope to accomplish from this 21 day fast:

-I am fasting for the Lord and hope to be brought closer to him to beg for his forgiveness and guidance in everything that I do and that all my successes and failure will come through him. By failure I mean if I try to do something and the lord knows its not right for me then I will learn all my lessons and apply it at a future date for my own benefit.
***I will also invest in a bible today. I am literally broke, but I am investing my furture in the Lord.
***From this day forward I am going to make everything about the Lord.

-Weight Loss - I am a girl and I would be insane and a hypocrite if I should say that I am going on a fast and hope not to lose any weight. by the end of this fast I hope to reach 110lbs or lower. I know that when people fast that they ususally lose alot of weight but gain some back when they come off the fast, and I know that if I reach 110 pounds on my fast then when I come off my weight will probabaly normalize to 118-120 pounds, which is totally fine with me.
-Also I hope this fast makes me more of an organizaed planner in my dailey life and will reveal things to me that I would not have ordinarily seen if I had not gone on the fast.
-I am also fasting for one of three jobs that I applied for, and I hope that the Lord will put me in the one that he sees the most fit for me as he alone can see in the future:
.Tru Juice-Regional Sales Manager for the North Coast: I do hope I get this one as I would be closer to my friend and family and I could live with my sister ad pay her rent instead of living and pay rent where i am at. I could also see, visit, and take care of my mom more. And I would make more money to and have the financial independence I have always needed. I hope they provide a company vehicle though :-)
.Regional Sales Manager for a Bank-The reason I want this job is the same as the above. But, I will not be close to my family, but thats okay because with the moeny that I would be making I would be able to visit them often and take care of them.
.Sales Rep (Supervisory Level) at the Bank of Nova Scotia- I use to work here and want to get back into working for the this bank and this position (permanent staff) would give me the job security and financial independence that I yearn for.
.Depression-I also hope this fast will cure my depression and feeeling of hopelessness and not being good enogh. I hope that as I grow in the Lord I will grow out of my depression. I love you Lord, I just have not had the strength to pray lately and I promise not to get involved with people that just wants to take from me (like Chris) because when they take they take a piece of my soul and I feel myself gradually dying, but I want to live so I am giving up the worldly things of this Earth (Sex, Love of Man, the focus on money, and Food) so I can feed off you Lord and grow stronger and stronger in your spirit and presence. I love you Lord more than life itself!

I am going to stick to this fast no matter what as I am not doing it for me this time around... 21 days for the Lord Jehovah and his son Jesus Christ

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Calorie Restriction

Sep. 21st, 2010 | 08:44 am

Hello everyone its been a long time since I have been on here. Here are my stats.
26 yo
I need to get to 110 by December. I am going to start eating 700 calories a day and run at least 2 miles in the morning.

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Liquid Diet

May. 10th, 2010 | 11:55 am

Not counting calories. Liquids from now until I reach 120 pounds... Thats it...

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fasting Day #1

Mar. 16th, 2010 | 03:41 pm

Fasting Day 1 at 3pm...

Only thing that is required:
Vitamin B12

This Fast will last as long as I get out of the 120's. I am currently at 129 pounds.

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Juice Fasting, Cpb, Jason, Weight Loss

Jan. 8th, 2010 | 09:35 am

Okay so I fucked up the Juice Fasting. I could not do it, i was at work and I needed energy. My mistake was I did not bring enough Juice to work to sustain me for the whole day and I did not plan it properly. Meaning, I sometimes only brought water, and I did not take my vitamins, so my body was having major withdrawals. Also I had sugary commercially prepared juice as well, which was a major no no.

Cpb called me and wanted for me to go out with him, his cousins, and stuff. I told him no as I am tired. He has been calling and texting more often ever since. We spoke on one occasion and I ended up telling him I feel emotionally drained and depressed. I get the feeling that he likes weak women, emotional women, because ever since then he has been calling more showing more interest asking how I have been etc. The bottom line is he has been sweet.

Since that night when he took me to his place and wanted to have sex with me and got upset cuz we didn't. I have not called him and he has not called me. It doesn't matter to me one way or the other anyway. Whatever...

I am 128 today. So I guess I lost 2 pounds from the holiday weight gain. I hope this is not a regular fluctuation thing. I am going to start dieting again. 50% Raw, 100% Vegan. That seem manageable enough.

Diet Plan:
1. Exercise for at least an hour a day. I went to my mom's and got my exercise DVDs that I had bought sometime ago, so this should make it easier for me to exercise.
2. Drink at least 1pt of water a day. I know this is not nearly enough, but I am trying.
3. Do not under any circumstances (Unless I am going out to eat, just have salad) eat after 7pm.
4. Only drink Red Wine with dinner (no more than 2 oz). AVOID ALCOHOL.
5. Meditate for at least 10 minutes a day.
6. Pray every morning for at least 1 minute.

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Day #2 of Juice Fast. & Cpb & Jason

Jan. 6th, 2010 | 09:02 am
mood: frustrated frustrated

Ok so yesterday went well with the Juice Fast. This is Day #2. I woke up at 128.5 lbs this morning, which means I lost 1.5 from the previous day.

I am now drinking some commercially prepared OJ, not something I want to do but I was feeling a bit week, and decided its best I drink that than feel famish and end up eating at lunch time (I am at work). I also have a 1.5 litre bottle of water which I will be finishing by the end of the day.

Oh just as I was typing this Cpb called me. Haven't spoken to him in a while. But he did text me last night saying "Hi Girl, r u ok?" some foolishness to that effect. I am happy I have not interacted with him for a while because he does not have that strong grip on me anymore. Now I can regain my control where he is concerned. I am guessing he is texting and calling me now because he wants to see me i.e. he wants to have sex with me. I dont have to, because I am not in his web anymore. I still like him though, but I am focusing on me and what is good for me.

I am using his correct name. Anyway, I met this guy a couple months ago when I was still with my ex. This guy is very ambitious but not a very good communication. OK HAVE TO CONTINUE THIS LATER AS I AM AT WORK, DONT WANT TO SEEM TOO SUSPICIOUS.

Everytime I see him or we hang out he is literally in my pants trying to feel me up or wanted to have sex with me. I always totally avoid going to his place. I really do not want to complicate my life any further by sleeping with another guy. Anyway, he picked me up from work 2 days ago and I went to his house. It was going great and everything, watching a movie and just hanging out. Until all of a sudden he starts kissing me on my shoulders, face etc. Then I kept telling him that nothing is going to happen, I am not going to have sex with you. It seem like he was trying to manipulate me or something, you know like trying to get me turned on to the point where I would just give in: Well, that did not happen. As I said, my life is complicated enough. So I did something that I knew would totally piss him off. I had already conjured up the type of guy he was. So, I asked to eat me (u know oral sex), he said that I could blow him if I wanted. I was like eewww: "hell no." Then he got upset, all anti-social. So I told him to take me home, he did. And on our way to my house he goes: "You play too much game." I was like how the heck can u say that, I told u nothing would happen, u r the one that is constantly pushing the issue.

What the heck does these guys expect from me??? They make u feel guilty for not doing what they want u to do, giving no consideration to how u feel before, during, or after. They are just ssoooo selfish. U know what I am going to be selfish too. Its all about me from now on!!!

I am Strong and in Control.

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Juice Fasting...

Jan. 5th, 2010 | 08:34 am

O.K. so I know yesterday I wrote that I would be Juice Fasting. Today should have been day two. I did well upon till the night time. But, then I ate a banana, pineapple, 2 slices of bread, bushes vegetarian baked beans, and veg. I know it sounds bad, but I was starving, I know that is no excuse, But I only had water for the entire day. I guess I just was not prepared. So this morning I juice some grapefruit, and made a smoothie.


I am fasting and praying for either of the following Jobs: Marketing Officer at COK, Marketing Post at Red Stripe, or a Customer Service Post at JMMB, or a post at ScotiaDBG.

Yeah will journal how that goes.

I have changed the name from Juice Feast to Juice Fast as though I will be consuming Water, Teas, naturally prepared smoothie and Juices. I will also consume commercially prepared Juices as well. I will go beyond the 30 days if I am able to.

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Fasting, Juice Feasting

Jan. 4th, 2010 | 01:03 pm

So my fast starts today. I believe I am now 129.5 pounds, which means that I gained 5.5 pounds. I am not even thinking about that, it is the new year and I am Juice Feasting as at today for 30 days. I did not make any juice this morning so I will be water fasting today and then start juice feasting tomorrow.

What i hope to accomplish from this Juice Feast:
1. Recommit myself to my Raw Lifestyle---Aiming to be 80% Raw or more for the Day, everyday.
2. Get Healthy.
3. Lose Weight.
4. Get more Spiritual.

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